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The Fictionary

101 things to do in a compulsive writing mood

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"a few loose random squiggles are drawn, and suddenly a complete personality appears, demanding attention and a name."

Brian Froud

Arwen Lune occasionally tortures herself by leaving the house without paper and pen. She consequently finds herself asking complete strangers if they can spare a pen, and writing on the back of receipts and train tickets.
Besides writing, she competes in endurance riding with her horse, sails on square-rigged ships, and is trying to finish a study in International Communication. She also enjoys photography and writing about herself in third person.

Feedback on anything I post here is always very welcome. Constructively critical feedback - yes please! I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK ANY IMAGES FROM THIS COMMUNITY. It's rude. And it kills my bandwidth. And if people keep doing it, I will be forced to find a tech solution to this problem. Don't let my use of the word 'please' lead you into thinking this is a suggestion.

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